ATENTIE!!! la cumpararea unei masini din Germania verificati urmatoarele acte:

1. Fahrzeugbrief (cartea de identitate a maşinii) clic aici!
2. Fahrzeugschein (talonul maşinii)clic aici!
3. Kaufvertrag (act de vânzare-cumpărare)clic aici!,clic aici!,clic aici!
4. Versicherungskarte (carte de asigurare)clic aici!
5. Zollnummern (numerele de vamă – cu inscripţia valabilităţii)clic aici!
6.Pentru numerele de vamă (tranzit de 5 zile) mai este necesar: -Fahrzeugschein pe numele Dvs. (al cumpărătorului)
eliberat de Straßenverkehrsamt (serviciul de circulaţie)clic aici!
7. În cazul în care maşina are TÜV (ITP) valabil şi se obţin numere cu valabilitate mai mare, mai sunt necesare în plus: 1. Fahrzeugschein- modelul nou (talonul de export al maşinii), adică
Zulassungsbescheinigung Teil I, pe numele noului proprietar,clic aici!
2. Fahrzeugbrief - modelul nou (carte de identitate nouă), adică Zulassungsbescheiningung Teil II, tot pe numele noului proprietar.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Volkswagen T2a 37 kW (50 CP)

VW T2a Van, 1570 cc, 50 hp. The 1971, already with disc brakes front.
vehicle is complete, the motor rotates. In the past we have made ??painting and welding, but reach the standard of restoration is not final.
Please do not be fooled by free internet! The vehicle has a lot of work, if only because of a long life! our web site represents only a part of our fleet of vehicles changing. For inquiries or applications for vehicles, call us. Processing e-mail is often a time lag can be. If you go from the keel to Garmisch and have already invested in the value of Bullis looking at fuel costs, we should visit. Or better before! We always have a great selection of home VW T3, T2, T1 and German and European stock and therefore may also provide short term for you or your business right oldie. As auto repair services, we perform all maintenance, repair and restoration of our house. Even for individual interior accessories, we are your partner. Own transport service. Purchase of permanent vehicle for handling serious guarantees. We are happy to take the current vehicle in cash.
Mileage: 68.600 km
Displacement: 1570 cm 3,
Year: 1970
Power: 37 kW (50 hp)
Fuel: Petrol
Seats: 3
doors: 4/5 doors
Gearbox: Manual
Year: 10/1970
address:Autohaus Brosi
Zementwerk 5
72622 Nürtingen bei Stuttgart
1.Tel.Nr.+49 (0)7022 213 727
Tel.Nr.(mobil)+49 (0)172 7103841
Fax: +49 (0)7022 213 729

Price: 3999 EUR


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